The Hotel Hartington

How We Started

The Hotel Hartington was initially built in 1917 to fulfill the need for a Community Center and lodging in Hartington and surrounding communities. The hotel was a large project for the time, costing $35,000 and taking longer than planned as the brick layers held out for 80 cents per hour instead of the customary 75 cents. The grand opening had over 1,000 attendees, including an orchestra from Sioux City, an opera singer from New York, and a band called the Hawaiians. This beautiful hotel has served the Hartington community in many ways. The event spaces have seen parties, dancing events, club events, and soldier send off’s for WWI. During wartime, the town gave soldiers a departing meal and a final night’s stay before busses picked them up at the hotel. In the years to follow, the hotel went through financial trouble due to mismanagement and a bad economy. The hotel changed hands several times and needed help finding effective management.

Hotel Hartington, NE historic photo
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